15 Classic British Desserts & Puddings

British desserts are truly exceptional. From the sweetness of a crumble to the rich and creamy Cranachan, there’s just something about the way us Brits make their sweet treats that can’t be beaten. And don’t even get me started on the puddings!

From the comforting warmth of an Eves Pudding to the classic Sticky Toffee Pudding, there’s a pudding for every mood and occasion. It’s no wonder that British cuisine is so highly regarded when it comes to afters.

What’s the difference between British Desserts and Puddings?

Technically speaking, British desserts are actually a broader category of sweet treat that can include puddings.

Puddings, officially, are a type of dessert, but here in Britain, the two phrases are often used interchangeably.

Despite the two titles getting banded about willy-nilly in the UK, something we are certainly guilty of, growing up in Britain a dessert was a bit posher, and a pudding was what you got served at home, a little more rough around the edges. Perfect for Scottish Scran!

A good question to ask a Brit is “Did you ask what’s for pudding or what’s for dessert in your house?” Feel free to answer in the comments, it says a lot about you! 😉

You can enjoy British desserts and puddings, either warm or cold, and there are so many different flavours and textures to choose from.

But just remember, while all puddings are desserts, not all desserts are puddings! And where we stand with black pudding, we don’t know!

What Makes British Desserts so good?

At this point, we are going to have to say we are hugely biased towards British desserts, in case that hasn’t come across. But the simple answer as to what makes British puddings the best in the world is nostalgia and tradition.

When you think of a crumble, the thought alone whisks you away to a lovely warm, comforting place that is personal to you. When you think of a Tipsy Laird bursting with fruit and covered in custard, you instantly remember where it was you most enjoyed this wonderful Scottish trifle.

You don’t get that with a doughnut or a brownie.

Some of the following British desserts and puddings have been made for hundreds of years and have stayed popular because of the warmth and comfort they’ve provided throughout history.

We mentioned we were a little biased.

Classic British Dessert & Pudding Recipes

These are some of our favourite classic British Dessert and pudding recipes! Cream and custard are optional, but highly recommended!

3 thoughts on “15 Classic British Desserts & Puddings”

  1. Oh my days! These are wonderful recipes that take me right back to my schooldays almost 60 yrs ago! The only thing missing is chocolate sponge and chocolate custard, and as I’m from Kent, Gypsy tart, keep them coming and many thanks xx

  2. Thank you
    I love reading your waffle 😃
    I live in South Africa but am of English extraction. I love your recipes and I am really excited about the old school recipes. My niece has recently secured a job at a prestigious school, as their cook. I am sure she’ll be inspired by these old favourites
    We have several brands of margarine, including Stork. I’d like to know why you differentiate between margarine and Stork. Is there a difference?
    Keep waffling,


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