The Best School Pudding recipes

Old school pudding recipes are very much for a specific type of person. The sort of person, of a certain age like myself, whose fondest memory of their school days was dinner time and dessert.

The specific sort of person for whom which school pudding was being served could make or break a day. The thought of a pot full of custard, pink or otherwise, slowly gaining a skin will still put a smile on their face!

That and the memory of looking down the queue of kids to see trays of crumble or a whole side of sprinkle-covered sponge! Bliss.

Old School Pudding Recipe

Now, if this wasn’t your memory of old school puddings or worse, like I was for a while, you had been given a packed lunch and yoghurt for your pudding, then we’re sorry!

All that being said, we think the classic old school pudding is a very British thing, do let us know if we’re wrong, but the puddings made in British Schools during the 70s/80s and 90s were some of the best in the world.

Yet despite this acclaim, you’ll rarely see them in a restaurant or on Masterchef, bake off at best! They’re possibly deemed too old school or just childish puddings perhaps; we’re not sure.

We aim to change this.

Bringing you the best school pudding recipes will make the delicious relevant once again. We want to put these puddings back on the map, back on the menu and, best of all, back on your table. The world deserves to know about these fantastic old school puds!

The Best School Pudding Recipes

The Best School Pudding Recipes

school pudding recipes - jam sponge

Here are the 12 best and most delicious School Pudding Recipes we've made. Just click on the name of the pud you want to try, and you'll be whisked away on a wonderfully nostalgic baking journey, straight to the recipe!

Enjoy, and be sure to let us know which one you remember the best and any we've forgotten!


Click on one of the above school pudding recipes. Make, Eat, Repeat!

Want More Than School Pudding Recipes?

If you’re looking for more British Classics than our school pudding recipes, that’s no problem! We have a website full of them.
Here are just a few sweet and savoury British/Scottish classics to get your mouth watering:

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