12 Places to Eat the Best Haggis in Edinburgh

Finding haggis in Edinburgh should be easy, and in some ways, it is!

You’ll find the classic Haggis Neeps & Tatties dish on plenty of menus around the city, especially in the tourist hot spots around the Royal Mile and the Grassmarket.

But how do you know where is best? What about if you’re not ready for the full dish and just want to try a sample of haggis? Or maybe you’ve already tried it but want to taste it in a different way?

Haggis in Edinburgh

When I moved to Scotland, one thing that surprised me was how readily available haggis is and how often it does feature. It’s a really versatile dish!

I’ve had it as Haggis Bon Bons, in various kinds of pastry, deep-fried in a haggis supper from the chippy, on top of a burger or hotdog, as a burger itself, alongside risotto or mac n cheese, with a full Scottish breakfast, or Eggs Benedict, on top of nachos and chips, and even pizza. And I loved it all!

So here are my top spots for trying haggis in Edinburgh, with some classic takes and more exciting versions too.

Haggis in Edinburgh

Whiski Rooms

Another central Edinburgh location that’s great for grabbing a bite to eat and often missed if you don’t know where it is! Just down on the Mound, off the Royal Mile, is the Whiski Rooms.

They offer Haggis Spring Rolls with plum sauce as a starter, as well as the traditional Haggis, Neeps & Tatties as a main (included in their lunch deals, and a beef burger topped with haggis too.

There’s even a Haggis Mash and Neeps kids option!

As an aside, also a great spot to try Sticky Toffee Pudding and Cranachan, two of our favourite Scottish desserts!

Whiski Rooms - Best Haggis in Edinburgh

Howie’s Restaurant

Howie’s has two locations at Waterloo Place and Victoria Street, with the latter being my favourite. It is a spot I frequently recommend when people ask where to eat in Edinburgh city centre and where to try haggis in Edinburgh.

I love their seasonal, tasty menu and their use of Scottish produce, plus the atmosphere is lovely too!

They offer specials at both lunch and dinner for 2/3 course meals, and you can try many Scottish favourites like Cullen Skink, Scottish Salmon, and of course, Haggis Neeps & Tatties.

Howies- Best Haggis in Edinburgh

Whiski Bar

The owners of this bar are the same as the above Whiski Rooms, and in fact, the Whiski Bar is the original! It’s a little more atmospheric if you want that traditional pub feel. They also have lots of options for trying haggis in Edinburgh!

You can grab Haggis Eggs Benedict for breakfast, a Haggis Stack on their lunch specials or as a standard main, and the same Haggis Spring Rolls starter and burger as above. Vegetarian options are available!

Arcade Bar, Haggis, & Whisky House

Specialising in both whisky and haggis, what more could you want from somewhere to try haggis in Edinburgh?

There are so many haggis options we won’t list them all here! You can stick with the usual haggis tower (named Robert Burn’s Famous Haggis), or try it in a different way like the extra special made-to-order sauce that comes with the Princess Diana, haggis stuffed chicken (aka Chicken Balmoral) or Haggis Bon Bons.

Arcade - Best Haggis in Edinburgh

The Black Fox

If you want to venture further away from the city centre then heading along Leith Walk you’ll find plenty of excellent bars, many of which offer delicious Scottish dishes.

The Black Fox is one of our favourites, and they also offer tasty Haggis Bon Bons with honey, mustard, and sweet chilli dipping sauce; plus you can add haggis to your loaded chips nachos, or hot dog.

Teuchters Landing

Our old local Teuchters Landing is our favourite secret but not so secret spot in Leith. And yet we still can’t pronounce it…

But this excellent waterside pub has an infamous mug menu where you can get haggis stovies in a mug (one of the few places to try Stovies in Edinburgh, and the only we know with Haggis Stovies!) plus their veggie burger is made with veggie haggis.

Amber Restaurant

If you’re visiting the Scotch Whisky Experience on the Royal Mile (highly recommended) then you could visit the onsite restaurant, Amber, for your haggis fix at the same time.

They have a mix of classic and inventive dishes with plenty of Scottish produce on offer. Also another great place to try Stovies (with lamb).

The chef will also make a Scottish tapas selection every day, so be sure to find out what’s on offer that day.

Whisky tasting at Scotch Whisky Experience

The World’s End

Located in a 16th-century building and named because it once was the end of the world, or at least, the end of the Edinburgh Old Town world, the World’s End pub offers a Haggis & Potato Pie on their menu, also with a veggie option, and make a great stop along the Royal Mile.


Located at Fountainbridge on the west side of town and New Waverley, near the train station, Loudon’s has long been a favourite of mine since I moved to Edinburgh.

In no small part because of their extensive Eggs Benedict menu! And, obviously, they offer a delicious option with haggis!

Which is best followed with one of their lovely cakes…

The Piper’s Rest

Championing local suppliers, the Piper’s Rest is all about delicious scran, and dishes you may not find on other menus.

Try the Haggis Tower with neeps, tatties, and whisky sauce, or the Trio of Scottishness which is haggis, black pudding and white pudding balls, with a whisky sauce.

The Rob Roy Steak is topped with haggis, and the Frying Scotsman Burger has a Haggis Fritter alongside the beef burger. They also serve Balmoral Chicken and Mince & Tatties.

And we can’t fail to mention the Deep Fried Mars Bar for dessert!

Greyfriars Bobby Bar

A traditional pub that’s likely to feature in many tourist photos thanks to its strategic location right by the Greyfriars Bobby statue!

You can try Haggis Neeps & Tatties as a starter or main, served with a gravy rather than whisky sauce like many other places.

They also have beef stovies, should you wish to try all sorts of different stovies in Edinburgh too. Why not?!

Los Cardos or Bonnie Burrito

Special mention to these Burrito Bars where you can add haggis to your favourite burrito!

We’ll continue to add to this as we try more haggis around Edinburgh, and please let us know your favourites too!

If you want to make your own, check out our Haggis Stack, Haggis Bon Bons, Vegetarian Haggis, and Chicken Balmoral recipes. Or our list of 32 ways to use haggis!

6 thoughts on “12 Places to Eat the Best Haggis in Edinburgh”

  1. ‘MUMS Great Comfort Food’ has the best haggis in Edinburgh (the veggie version is also the best)! Portions are large; I always orderd starter size haggis followed by Treacle & Date Pudding (which is heavenly) and it was more than enough. Their prices are also affordable and ambience of the restaurant very warm and welcoming; high recommendation! 🙂

    • Big fan of Mums but haven’t tried the haggis there we’ve always been swayed by the other dishes. We can certainly agree on the treacle and date pudding though, so good!

  2. You can’t beat Greyfriars Bobby.When I get to Edinburgh, I always go there.Had my first alcoholic drink there, many moons ago.


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